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Coach Deb Fitness Training

Win The Fitness Game

Hate what you see in the mirror? But would like:

  • Firmer arms, thighs, buns and a flatter stomach
  • Faster metabolism to burn more calories at rest
  • Increased energy and strength to do your thing better

Ever feel like you’ve had such a crazy day that you can’t get your shoulders out of your ears? Since most of us carry our tension in the the muscles between the shoulders and our necks, this little 2 part practice should do the trick and give you some relief.   Check out this quick […] Read More


Fix Your Mouse Shoulder

Seems like almost everyone I run into lately has got this nagging tight and sometimes burning pain right at the top of their shoulder blade usually on the right side. So in today's "tweak your stuff" video, I’m going to show you one of my favorite mouse shoulder relief fixes. Here's a summary of the […] Read More