Should you drink water?

Are you “Drinking or Drowning?”  Ever feel like you’re drinking plenty of water, but still may have a headache or are still thirsty?  Especially during or after a workout?  Check out the video below and see how by adding just a pinch of a common household ingredient you may get rid of your headaches and have better workouts.

Why (Science without being too “Sciency”)

The truth is, just drinking plain ol water just doesn’t cut it when it comes to giving your body what it needs to keep going and sometimes drinking too much plain water can be the perfect example of too much of a good thing. We women need to take in more than just water to keep our body’s hydrated properly because of guess what “Our hormones”  Big surprise right?

Here’s the deal

  • The average female is made up of about 55% water.
  • The percentage of water that we need depends of course on our hydration level.
  • You usually feel thirsty when you’ve lost already 2-3% of your body’s water
  • However mental performance and physical coordination start to suffer way before you get thirsty at around 1% dehydration

Crap Sorry!  Promised I wouldn’t get too Sciency. Long Story Short…


Just by adding a pinch of real sea salt ( I like this brand – Redmond Real Salt) to both your daily drinking and workout water bottles you’ll give your body the salt and essential electrolytes needed to help pull the water into the blood and the cells so you hydrate properly.

Give it a shot and add a pinch then let us know in the comment section below if you feel a difference both during your everyday activities and your workouts.

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