How Bout Dem Bones? 3 Things You Can Do To Protect Them

How bout them bones?  Osteoporosis a concern?  I have to admit that I had a recent scare when I slow-mo crashed up hill on my mountain bike.  That incident when my unprotected elbow crashed into a fairly substantial rock, made me a little concerned then I realized, I’m doing everything I can to keep my […]

4 Ways To Find Time To Exercise – “Everyone’s got 5 Minutes”

Does this sound familiar?  “Uggh too tired to workout before work, think I’ll hit the snooze and just roll over.  Besides, I can do it later when I get home and feel more awake.”  I know you’ve heard and done that a time or too.  It DOESN’T happen later right??? We’ve all done it.  Yes, even […]

Beyonce’s Trainer’s 5 Minute Pre-Party Workout- Review

Face it, during the holiday season we can get so wrapped up in the shopping, cooking, prepping, organizing and wrapping that there’s hardly a fighting chance that folks make the time for their full-on workouts. This time of year is big for more than snow flakes. In fact, flaking out on fitness and bumping working out to […]

4 Ways To Improve Your Work-outs

Do you feel you’re a little stuck with your weight training workouts? If so, here are 4 little tips that should improve your results and shake things up a little for you.   1.) Bookend your workout with a warm-up and a cool down. Before you begin, be sure to always do either a general warm-up which […]

Heal Computer Shoulder, Neck, Back and Wrist Pain With 5 Easy Moves

Sitting at your computer giving you shoulder, neck, back and wrist pain?  There’s hope.  Don’t worry.  And the cure won’t cost you a trip to the doc either.  All you gotta do is invest about 5 minutes in yourself about every hour you’re held hostage at your desk and I guarantee you’ll be kissing your […]